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A new Melbourne clinic specialising in women’s health and vaginal rejuvenation

We have brought together a caring, experienced medical team of women whose interest is in helping women with previously hard to manage (and embarrassing) gynaecological and urinary symptoms.

Studio Freya is a health clinic for women; our focus is assisting women as they age and alleviating common health issues that occur naturally as we grow older, but also as a result of childbirth. We use the latest Fotona Laser to relieve women of common complaints in relation to bladder weakness resulting in urinary incontinence, diminished sexual function and prolapse, and also for external procedures such as skin rejuvenation.

Cosmetic Laser Treatments From A Passionate And Experienced Team

The clinic has a team of women’s health experts to compliment the reconstruction treatments and encourage a positive ageing process. In addition to experienced doctors and nurses, our team of experts include physiotherapists and life coaches, all to ensure that both the physical and mental health of our patients is cared for so they can be their best at any age.

We help women regain their confidence and improve the quality of their lives, as well as their sexual health, through highly specialised procedures, using the natural healing power of light.

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Using The Latest Technology In Vaginal Reconstructive Procedures To Help Women

According to Norse mythology, Freya was the goddess known for her fondness of love, fertility and beauty. She was also believed to have the power of great magic. So, perhaps it is appropriate that she be the emblem of a new clinic. One that specialises in treating the often difficult pelvic symptoms that may start after childbirth and continue until after menopause – by which time almost half of all women are effected. The symptoms – vaginal laxity and dryness, and possibly some urine leakage when straining – can be embarrassing. Often women may feel uncomfortable talking to their friends, partners, or doctors about them. It is easy to understand why.

Studio Freya is a new concept in women’s health. Through the use of advanced laser technology, a painless 15-minute procedure (with no recovery time) can improve these symptoms with only 2 to 3 treatments. Get in touch with us on 1800 0FREYA (1800 097 392) to schedule a consultation.

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Urinary incontinence

Our Team


Female GP and gynaecology laser expert

Dr Else de Wit is an experienced GP with significant expertise and experience in the use of the laser. She is a trainer for other doctors in the techniques and methods used to help women suffering from common pelvis symptoms


Nurse, Pilates instructor and life coach

With many years of experience working at The Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, Carmen Barry fully understands the complexity of treatments that need expert medical collaboration. Carmen is also a qualified counsellor and life coach


Women’s Health

Dr Larissa Miller has been practising since 2002 after completing her medical and cosmetic training in Moscow. Since then she has worked as a trainer and a researcher, continuing to learn about the latest European techniques with regular training courses.