Key Benefits

Current treatments for vaginal symptoms that some women experience are limited to creams or surgery – with little in between. Our doctors at Studio Freya have experience in using a new laser technology that should be considered by women with symptoms. Key benefits include:

1) Improvements felt after just one treatment.

Three treatments are recommended, with an improvement noted by most patients after just one.

2) No down time.

The laser treatments are painless and take only 15 minutes.

3) Safe.

The gentle laser treatment stimulates natural and safe collagen production to support the pelvic tissues.

How It Works

  • A small probe is inserted into the vagina and mild laser energy gently heats the tissues. This takes about 15 minutes and is less uncomfortable than a Pap smear for most women. This activates your own body’s collagen production; generally it takes about 4-6 weeks to notice a difference.

  • With better supporting tissues the vagina improves in function and so to do urinary symptoms in those women who may leak a small amount of urine when coughing or straining.

  • The rejuvenation effect also increases the blood supply to the area – often benefiting women who suffer with dry vaginal symptoms and painful intercourse.